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RADICAL is an EU-funded project that will develop a wide range of technological solutions that combine competitiveness with sustainable urban development. Various services are tested as pilot projects across five European Smart Cities in Spain, France, Greece, Italy and Denmark where Aarhus participates.

The first RADICAL result in Aarhus is a new service that favors the bike in the city traffic, that will make it even more attractive for the local residents to choose sustainable means of transport.

The service is based on a chip that is installed on the bike and sends a signal to the traffic lights that you are heading. The traffic lights will to the extent possible ensure that the light is green when the cyclist arrives. The service is currently in a test phase in which 200 volunteers have been equipped with a chip that allows them to get the green light in a particular intersection in downtown Aarhus. The plan is to extend the project to the most bicycle-traffic intersections in Aarhus. 

In addition, RADICAL encourages interested parties to take part in the development which is why the project provides € 90,000 as Open Calls for innovative initiatives that use the project's platform.


RADICAL is a three-year project, which ends in 2016, and is funded by the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.


For further information about the project, see their website