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Drive Now?

In collaboration with Smart Aarhus and the City of Aarhus, Aarhus University (CAVI/PIT) has developed a smartphone app to showcase the potential of open data and real-time traffic sensor input. In an attempt to improve traffic congestion and commute times, the app offers recommendations as to whether commuters should “drive now”. The simple yes/maybe/no tip is supplemented by projected travel time and likely delays, based on real-time traffic data from an extensive sensor network operated by the City of Aarhus.

"Drive Now?" is meant as inspiration, and aims to showcase smart use of travel data. Thus, there is a lot of functions that the app does not provide, and travel data might get more value if the data is combined with other data, for example information on public transport, route directions, etc. 

Read more about Drive Now?, or download here.

Contact: Henrik Korsgaard