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Update: How does smart cities influence our lives?

On May 22nd the philosopher Vincent Hendricks and AU’s smart city expert Martin Brynskov will discuss the technology’s influence on us humans, at the Smart City exhibition, Update.

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Sunday 22 May 2016,  at 11:30 - 13:00


Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen



Our lives become smart and so is the society. Cities are moving online and learning to communicate with themselves and their citizens. A dustbin tells when it is full and orders a dustman. A street lamp detects whether it is a pedestrian or a car that is passing by, and adjusts the light accordingly. In 10 years' time, cars will talk to one another and avoid collisions, jams and congestion.

It sounds smart, but is it also intelligent? This is the discussion Update will raise. The exhibition Update focus on the smart city technologies that in the coming years may come to significantly change the way our cities operate. Thus, Martin Brynskov from AU Smart Cities and Professor Vincent Hendricks, two of the leading experts in smart cities and digital behaviour, will debate the smart city community on Sunday May 22nd, at the Danish Architecture Centre.

Martin Brynskov and Vincent Hendricks will among others discuss:

-       How do the smart technologies change our lives and cities?

-       What smart solutions are going to be part of our everyday lives in the future?

-       What do we need to do to avoid big brother modes?

-       How can we make the most of the smart technology?