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S-491 Smart and sustainable communities and cities

AU Smart Cities take an active part in defining standards for international purpose.

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Thursday 10 March 2016,  at 11:00 - 15:00


Miljø- og Energiforvaltningen, Aalborg


Danish Standards
AU Smart Cities participates in the development of international standards by Danish Standards, where they gain knowledge about future market requirements and helps compose standards that are useful for their customers.

AU Smart Cities are participating in the meeting of the standardisation committee for Smart and sustainable communities and cities (S-491), held the 10th of March. The Danish committee will discuss and comment on the current proposals for national, European or international standards, and thus define the content of the standards.


The committees work is primarily based on the European and international standardisation where standards are designed to facilitate international trade by breaking down technical barriers to trade. This means that these standards contain more specific requirements such as description of procedures, test methods or set of specifications, while the European directives only contain the broad and essential requirements. Thus, one can by complying with European standards assume that you also comply with the requirements of the directives.


The Danish committee consists of Danish companies, authorities, research and educational institutions and interest groups. The national standardisation organisation Danish Standards is hosting the meeting.