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AU Smart Cities attends EU meeting: Urban Agenda

The ministers of the EU memberstates meet with EU partner countries and European stakeholders to endorse the Pact of Amsterdam as a new step in the further development of the EU Urban Agenda.

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Monday 30 May 2016,  at 09:00 - 16:00


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The idea behind the EU Urban Agenda is to deploy smart solutions to stimulate collaboration for growth, quality of life and innovation in European cities. This new method is designed to exploit the growth potential of cities to the full, and to successfully tackle social challenges. The informal ministerial meeting on urban development on the 30th of May 2016 will endorse the Pact of Amsterdam, which offers new potential for further development of the EU Urban Agenda.

The conference will be attended by ministers from the EU countries, the European Commission and various stakeholders (such as the Committee of the Regions). The purpose of the meeting is to endorse the Pact of Amsterdam and launch the first thematic partnerships between European cities. In these partnerships, the European Commission, member states, cities and other partners will set about tackling urban issues with the aim of:

  1.  improving European legislation (Better Regulation);
  2. achieving better access to and use of European funds;
  3. improving the sharing of knowledge and collaboration between

The Urban Agenda is part of the dutch sixth-month Presidency of the Council, of the European Union. In 2016 the Netherlands will hold the Presidency for the twelfth time. The last time was in 2004. Holding the sitxh-month Presidency involves mediating and brokering compromises between the 28 EU member states and between EU institutions like the Council, European Commission and European Parliament.

Read more about the dutch Presidency at their website.