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Smart City Expo 2016

The first congress in Mexico about urban innovation towards equitable cities.

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Tuesday 16 February 2016, at 10:00 - Thursday 18 February 2016, at 19:00


Puebla, Mexico

Under the motto "Urban Innovation Towards Equitable Cities in Latin America", Smart City Expo Puebla is a benchmark to help boost sustainable and equitable urban management, allowing the development of cities in Mexico and Latin America.

The Smart City Expo Puebla will host the most important exponents and researchers of the Smart Cities worldwide. An audience of more than 3,000 people in the Congress and an attendance of 5,000 visitors to the Expo is expected.

Among the main presentations there will be: “The regional and metropolitan dimension in the government of cities”, “Mobility and recovery of urban space”, “The challenge of equality: people in the center of the Smart City”, “From the Ideas to Action instruments for urban change” and “Technology and innovation at the service of the people”.

This event will convene more than 80 companies participating as exhibitors, and around 500 cities around the world will meet on 16, 17 and 18 February in the Exhibitor Center Puebla.

Smart City Expo Puebla is the event that will trigger the actions of a new management of cities in Latin America, with the main focus of social equity and generating strategies to enable all citizens regardless of their social status access to the same services, quality and efficient.


For more information see Smart City Expo's website.