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Smart City conference 2016

NRGi and Gate 21 will once again gather the municipalities and companies from all over the country to a conference about Smart Cities.

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Thursday 28 January 2016,  at 09:00 - 16:15


Centre of Management, Copenhagen

January the 28th AU Smart City will participate in the Smart City conference that is to be held at the Centre of Management in Copenhagen. The conference is based on the Smart City Growth Analysis to which Aarhus University has been a core contributor.


Growth potential

The Smart City concept provides new opportunities for sustainable growth, and new business models create digital growth potentials that supports new market areas as shared economy and big data.


The Danish municipalities have a unique opportunity to step onto the world stage in the Smart City area and help develop some of the smartest solutions, create growth and new jobs.


Smart solutions

But how do we develop and initiate the smartest initiatives, and how do they work in practice? Where are the smart growth potentials and how do they become a reality in a Danish municipality? These are some of the questions that the Smart City conference will try to find an answer to when NRGi and Gate 21 will bring together municipalities and companies from across the country.


Visit NRGi for more information or read the Smart City Growth Analysis.