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Smart Cities conference (DI/KK)

In cooperation with the Danish Industry Copenhagen Municipality are hosting the conference: Digital Copenhagen.

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Wednesday 2 March 2016,  at 08:30 - 18:00



Source: DI Digital

On March 2nd AU Smart Cities will attend the conference Digital Copenhagen, held in the House of Industry and Copenhagen City Hall.


The conference will focus on the technology, which today is developing apace and is both a game changer and an essential foundation for the future business and service in our community. With this main focus the conference will involve three themes:


  • Smart government - digitalization as a provider for the core service and smarter management
  • Smart city - digitalization as the way to innovation and new cooperation related to the development of the city
  • Smart citizen - digitalization seen from the citizen's perspective


The themes will focus on how the digital development and the digital solutions succeed and create business- and social value, including how cooperation between the public sector, private sector and citizens is an essential factor in creating the best solutions.


Register for the conference and see the full program here.