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Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions: Living Labs for Liveable Cities

Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions provides an essential forum for discussion and sharing of best practices on Living Labs and how to create smart green cities.

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Monday 6 June 2016, at 09:00 - Wednesday 8 June 2016, at 17:00


Copenhagen, Denmark

Source: Gate 21

On June 6-8 2016 the international Smart City conference Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions: Living Labs for Liveable Cities will take place in Copenhagen, where Martin Brynskov from AU Smart Cities is attending.


On June 7th Martin Brynskov is joining the conference day where he will be represented at an afternoon session called Future Tendencis in a Smart City Perspective. Besides the many sessions, Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions also offers a firsthand experience and understanding of Living Labs as a method to create smarter and more liveable cites by testing solutions in different surroundings. With the living labs the participants can get an understanding of how the digital infrastructure creates great potential for a variety of smart solutions.


Check out further details for the conference at their website.