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OrganiCity 2nd open call

2017.06.16 | Research news

Aarhus University has announced a €1M ‘OrganiCity’ Open Call to solve city challenges in London, Aarhus, and Santander using urban data. Application deadline: 31 August 2017.

Aarhus University to head giant global project on technology in future cities

2017.02.27 | Research news

EU issues major grant to associate professor Martin Brynskov and the beacon project SynchroniCity. This gives Aarhus University a leading role in developing the Internet of Things in cities, and a unique opportunity to work with a global consortium to influence the current process of digitalisation.

Photo from the conference

Connected Smart Cities Conference 2017

2017.01.27 | Conference

The Connected Smart Cities Conference 2017 took place on January 12 in Brussels under the headline "Making IoT Work for Cities and Citizens". See photos and selected tweets from the conference below.

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